oxygeno facial is gaining momentum

Oxygen is one of the most important elements in keeping your body going.

You also need it to keep your skin fresh and healthy. Try the Oxygeno Facial which promises to give you three facials in one.

this treatments gives 3 facials in one

It is the latest trend that everyone is hooked onto. REPC Dubai has adapted the latest techniques with the best skin care team of specialists who will ensure you will get an amazing look and feel in no time.

Why get an Oxygeno Facial?

This basically means you make use of direct oxygen supply on the face. This is basically an oxygen treatment and it is getting very popular among different centers.

It is when there is the use of pressurized stream of oxygen. This is applied directly on your face, giving you that amazing vibe and feel.

active ingredients go directly into skin

The active ingredients from the facial are extremely benefitting to your skin. It gives you an instant glow that will stay on for quite a long time.

The beauty boost it gives makes you look radiant and feel very refreshed too.

3 Ways Oxygeno Works:

When you come to us for this one of a kind treatment, we will be hitting onto three major ways in which your skin will look radiant and amazing. These will be:

Exfoliate- the first major way in which Oxygeno helps is that it hits onto the exfoliation process. This means, the upper layer of dead skin cells are removed. The process is similar to what you call a microdermabrasion.

We also offer Microdermabrasion, which aims to take care of your skin tone and improve the texture too, hitting on and treating the wrinkles, fine lines and spots that appear on your face.

carbon dioxide bubbles burst on skin

Skin Rejuvenation Mechanism -this is the way in which your skin will look amazing and fresh. This is by the way in which the active ingredients from the facial including hyaluronic acid, peptides and even antioxidants will bring fresh vibes and fresh look into your face.

The Oxygenation Factor-The last and the most major effect of this treatment is that it will focus on giving that wow factor towards an amazing and supple feel and look on your skin.

The oxygenation process happens when carbon dioxide bubbles will be bursting on your skin’s surface.  This mechanism allows for the stimulation of blood which is oxygen-rich into the area of treatment. This leads to the oxygen molecules to be directly absorbed onto your skin, giving you amazing benefits that are long-lasting.

Why Oxygeno is different from Regular Facial?

There are a few ways in which Oxygeno takes lead and is different from other oxygen facials.

it has hydrating factors and is more effective than other facialsActive Ingredients reaching the target

The first is how it focuses on exfoliation. It is the key to remove the top layer which is essential so that the active ingredients can reach into your skin and bring the desired look and feel.

Use of  a Non-Vacuum Device 

This is basically a vibrating hand device. It has the major impact that there is no vacuum feel or pressure involved. The Oxygeno device aims to move across your face in smooth circular motion, as it does not aim to use any vacuuming process.

The good thing is you can make use of same treatment method also on sensitive skin as well as on different parts of the body including the eyes, mouths and nose.

The Oxygen Magic 

And finally it is the way the oxygenation factor happens that makes it far better and effective than any normal oxygen facials.

The effects hit internally when the active ingredients are able to go directly into your skin.

How an OxyGeneo Treatment is done

This is how this treatment is done. At REPC Dubai, we ensure you get the best, refreshing results.

The treatment is usually completed within 30minutes and you can go about your daily routine soon after.

So this is how REPC Dubai will be providing you the complete treatment in an effective manner:

Start off with cleansing ritual

This is when you will be first prepared for the treatment. We do so by giving you a complete rejuvenated look when your skin is ready to take in all the essential material needed to give you that wow factor.

Then the exfoliation mechanism kicks in

This will take about 6 minutes. It is when we will apply the treatment gel on your skin. The handpiece is then setup and it will be used to move all over the skin in circular motions. It will focus on the buffing tactic which causes for gentle foaming to form.

It is not painful however you will feel a gentle tingle which makes your skin feel warm and it will also look pink. This is because the oxygenated blood comes onto your surface.

Third is when Dermal Infusion is taken care of

When there is significant foam formed on your face, then this will be washed away, and a special gel on the face will lead to the dermal infusion step of the treatment.

A capsule is used with a massage tip of a handheld device as this helps to absorb the gel. And when you absorb the gel, you will find a tingling sensation and even bubbling but it isn’t painful.

Lastly, hand massage is key on

This is when the hand massage kicks in. The final hand massage is started off and this is done so to spread and absorb the remaining gel on the area being treated. This allows for that dewy glow to set in, giving you a gorgeous and refreshing look in no time.

Side Effects of Oxygeno Facial

This is a process which triggers natural healing so it doesn’t have many side effects.

It is also less harsh which means you will not face major side effects however you will notice that there is certain sting and burning sensation from this treatment. But this will also subside in due course.

Aftercare-What You Need to Know

The treatment is one which allows you to go about your daily routine in no time.

Once you have done the treatment, you can continue with your regular skincare , however make use of natural, organic ingredients on your skin.

Such as making use of simple moisturizers or creams. Also you don’t need to faze away from activities like drinking and working out.

You need to however make use of sunscreen to keep your newly treated skin protected.  As the direct sunlight can cause extreme damage to your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.


While it is not possible to state the exact time one treatment will take, it is most certainly between 35-45 minutes. However this is purely stated if the treatment is only focusing on HydraFacial treatment.

If you combine that with certain other modalities, the results will take longer and the duration of the overall procedure also increases.

This treatment is highly effective and you will see that there is significant improvement in your skin’s texture and feel just after the first treatment.

However this procedure is cumulative; that means you can take on several treatments as the more the merrier.

Since this treatment aims to hit upon the ways the natural repairing process happens, the results from one person to another will be different.

This also depends on how your skin is well-taken care of. For those who have a healthy lifestyle, they will notice the Oxygeno treatment, brings forth a stronger Oxygeno effect as compared to those who have been leading unhealthy life choices.

Those with poor eating and lifestyle habits will need a few sessions to ensure the effective results kick in.

While for certain types of peels, the results can be see within a few days however for deeper peels, it can take well over 2 weeks. Also it also depends on the number of sessions you will be needing to see the difference.

The best thing about this treatment is that there isn’t any downtime. It is highly effective and provides you with a fresh, rejuvenated look without any pain or complications.

The best way to determine if a treatment is suiting to your skin and needs is by having a consultation session with our team. Our skin experts will look into your skin’s current condition and determine how this treatment is suiting to your skin’s requirements.

Also the number of sessions you will be needing is decided during this consultation.

Since this is ‘color-blind’ technology, it is safe to say the treatment is effective and useful on all skin types.  It is also setup with a formulation that keeps the allergies and sensitivities of people in mind to ensure there are not severe allergic reactions faced by applicants.

However it is important that you let us know of any allergies you may be facing in the consultation session so that it can be cleared how it can affect your skin condition and bring improvement into it.

This helps in the long run when you take on mild and medium chemical peels however when it comes to deep peels, you need to do it just once.

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