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    Dermatologist doctor applying derma pen to the patient's face in her clinic.

    Microdermabrasion Treatment

    Microdermabrasionis a procedure which is becoming popular. It is a method used in which your skin’s tone and texture is hit upon to make you look vibrant.
    This is a minimally invasive procedure which help’s to improve your appearance in case of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and acne scarring .REPC Dubai uses a special applicator which aims to an abrasive surface to gently sand away the thick outer layer of the skin to rejuvenate it.
    A different microdermabrasion technique sprays fine particles of aluminum oxide or sodium bicarbonate with a vacuum/suction to accomplish the same outcome as the abrasive surface.
    This process has been on the rise in recent years as it allows for a treatment suiting to different skin types and colors. Let’s look into the conditions which our team will effectively provide treatment for:

    We Treat Conditions:

    • Hyperpigmentation
    • fine lines and wrinkles
    • age spots
    • brown spots
    • enlarged pores
    • blackheads
    • acne and acne scars
    • stretch marks
    • a dull skin complexion
    • uneven skin tone
    • uneven texture
    • skin which is sun-damaged

    Preparing for Effective Microdermabrasion Treatment

    When it comes to having an amazing treatment, which gives you great results, our team will ensure you are in safe, reliable hands.
    The good news is this treatment is minimally invasive. Also it is non-surgical which means you will be ready for it without the need to extensively prepare in advance.

    microdermabrasion treatment

    Skin Issues? No Problem

    At REPC Dubai, we encourage our customers to discuss in open any issues and problems. Our team emphasizes consulting and you can present any doubts or inquiries you have. One of the major concerns people have is whether this treatment is the right fit for someone with allergies or medical conditions.
    Yes, in case you have any skin problems, getting an effective and amazing microdermabrasion treatment needs to be analyzed. Our skin experts will determine each case as per the skin condition. You will probably be advised to:

    • avoid sun exposure
    • don’t use tanning creams for a while
    • stop waxing a week before surgery
    • stay away from exfoliating creams and products for a few days before treatment
    • applying heavy makeup is not advisable

    Getting Great Results (How We Ensure you are Satisfied)

    This is a quick, effective procedure which doesn’t take more than an hour. The treatment is done through our licensed skincare professional, holding years of successful experience.
    While some places may advice you to use anesthesia, our team takes it upon us to ensure you get as much of a painless microdermabrasion treatment as possible. We make use of numbing agent, however we try to keep your discomfort to a minimal level.
    Usually your appointment would go by you having an overview of the procedure with our skincare professional. You will be then seated in our comfortable reclining chair and the provider will spray the outer layer of the area of treatment.
    The treatment is done in a relaxed ambience and after which, we will provide you with a moisturizer and apply sunscreen as well to the treated area.

    Types of Microdermabrasion Treatment We Give:

    There are a number of ways in which our team will provide you with a complete, effective treatment. We apply state-of-the art equipment which gives great results. This includes:

    • Diamond-Tip Hand Piece

      This is a modern equipment which aims to give you exfoliation of dead cells. It also works on effectively suctioning them off.
      While people have concerns on how the depth will be affected with the pressure however our experienced skin experts will ensure that you get amazing results, even on sensitive facial areas.

    • Crystal Microdermabrasion

      This treatment basically focuses on using crystal emitting handpiece. We have our experts in the team who will make use of their skills to spray fin crystals which rubs off the outer layers of the skin. Again, once removed, these dead skin cells are then easily suctioned off.
      According to your skin condition, the types of crystals used in the process can be aluminum oxide or sodium bicarbonate.

    • Hydradermabrasion

      This is one of the latest technologies and methods we have adapted at REPC Dubai. It makes use of a fusion of different procedures to give you amazing looking skin in no time. In this, our team of skin professionals combine dermal infusion of products without the crystal exfoliation.
      The method also triggers collagen making and this in turn adds more effect to giving you glowing skin by increasing blood flow to the region.

    microdermabrasion treatment in dermatology clinic

    Why Choose Microdermabrasion?

    You might be wondering as to why is this treatment becoming popular. Fact of the matter is it is an effective way to get great skin with minimal effort. The following are its major advantages:
    It gives great results in less time
    You are able to attain amazing looking skin with very less discomfort
    The recovery time is fast, allowing you to go back to your normal routine in no time
    It doesn’t play a role in disrupting your casual routine
    While chemical peels and laser resurfacing are also effective treatments, they are not as safe for other parts of the body like neck, chest or even your hands. This is where microdermabrasion is effective in giving great results for your neck, knees and also elbow region.

    The REPC Promise

    Our team of professionals is committed to giving you amazing results with minimal side effects.
    We hold years of experience adhering to top quality practices ensuring you are in safe hands.
    We provide regular consultation and after-care sessions to ensure you recover without the rise of any complications.
    The treatment is done in full confidence and awareness of our patients who are well-informed in advance about the expected results and duration of recovery.

    Cost of Microdermabrasion

    The prices may vary due to various factors. These include:

    • the number of sessions you will require to get complete treatment
    • the type of microdermabrasion application we will use, so to ensure you gain maximum benefits
    • the age of the patient
    • the condition of the skin

    However we do aim to provide you with all the above mentioned in the best price range which is not extremely expensive.

    Microdermabrasion at Home?

    We would also like to mention that you may see home-based microdermabrasion kits however these are not medically safe, even those procedures offered at salons and spas.
    It is medical treatmennt which needs professional eye and expertise, hence we suggest for professional dermatologist to lead this treatment, much like those at REPC Dubai.
    Your skin is a sensitive matter, ensure it is being taken care of capable hands. Keep yourself safe from complications and skin irritations based on bogus treatments.

    Get Your Appointment-make the Right Decision

    This is a leading cosmetic procedure which will help to give your skin a radiant tone and texture.
    At REPC, we aim to give you amazing skin results in just a few sessions.
    Our trained specialist will remove the top layer with quality handheld device ensuring that your skin is left without any scar marks and removing the aging effects too.
    We aim to make it an effective smooth procedure without any side effects.
    If you have doubts, questions and further inquiries, be sure to call us up and we will guide you towards making the best decision for your skin and yourself.


    This is a procedure in which our dermatologist would make use of a handheld device which aims to remove the top layer of the skin. You get a tingling sensation but it is not painful and the treatment is usually completed within 30-40 minutes.

    While it is advisable to stay away from face and neck products for a while till the skin is completely healed, you can very well start applying a moisturizer if you feel it is helpful to your skin healing.

    Not all. Because there isn’t a recovery period which is very long, unless you have developed a skin condition in the process. While those with sensitive skin would feel that it is becoming pink or red, in time it will completely heal. In some rare cases, you will feel a sunburn or windburn for a few days but in time, this too will subside.

    While in some cases, you will require a series of treatments before the results begin to show, in others the results are visible in a matter of a few sessions only. Our dermatologist will analyze your skin to form a better understanding of what you will get from microdermabrasion treatment. You will be able to get a sense of smoother skin and a more vibrant complexion after the treatment is complete.

    One of the major things you will see is that your skin will look pink and even swollen. However this also subsides within a few days.
    However in case of sensitive skin, you will feel a sensation of burning and even a sting which is extremely sensitive to light. In case you are noticing that your skin is developing dark spots, our team will determine ways in which to combat this condition.

    While you may heard of cases in which the results are said to be extremely effective and long-term, we provide treatment which is quality and safety oriented. The results of this treatment are temporary however after-procedure care will help to keep the results longer than usual.
    At REPC Dubai, our team ensures you get effective follow-up treatments. These treatments ensure that you are able to retain smooth glowing and vibrant complexion.

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