Tattoo Removal

Young woman on laser tattoo removal procedure

REPC uses the latest tattoo removal technology. With no down time and cost effective. Using Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser which produces short pulses of intense light that target the tattoo. When the light is absorbed, the ink molecules are broken down, allowing them to fragment into small particles and be absorbed into the bloodstream. The body then safely and naturally flushes these out of your system, causing the ink to disappear.

Tattoo Removal Treatment

Tattoos are symbolic to your personal struggles and choices.
They are gaining popularity worldwide and can be anything- from either a crisp line work to a complete multicolored masterpiece.
However sometimes they are something of a reflection of a bad experience. Or you get an allergic reaction or skin irritation problem which makes it worse.

What do you do then?

You get an effective tattoo removal process done of course.
At REPC Dubai, we provide a complete, reliable tattoo removal treatment which provides you amazing results in a hygienic, safe environment.

Excellent Service in Affordable Rate:

But it’s not easy to remove your permanent ink. It is applied not on the surface but the ink granules sink within your skin, hence getting a tattoo removed isn’t exactly an easy job.
While there may be various, unhygienic and unqualified methods to remove an unwanted tattoo out there, remember: it’s a delicate matter and you need to choose wisely.

Who can have a Tattoo Removal Treatment?

While the treatment is adaptable for any patient, there are some important things you should know:

  • old tattoos are relatively easier to remove completely as compared to new ones
    amateur tattoos can also be completely taken care of in a few laser treatment sessions, provided the ink used is of not extremely poor quality
  • your treatment’s length largely depends on the colors of the ink. Some tattoos are stubborn as they come in various colors which are harder to penetrate into. Also larger, darker, more colorful tattoos are more time-consuming and expensive to remove.
    However some of the colors which can easily be tackled are:
    • black
    • brown
    • dark blue
    • green

Our laser specialist will also analyze your skin condition to ensure a treatment is effective. Some possible factors which can affect the treatment are:

  • having darker skin- this can effect and slow down the treatment process
  • if you have a pre-existing skin condition, it can also play a role in the treatment’s effectiveness
  • having pre-existing health condition which affects the skin drastically, will also impact the results

But don’t worry, our team will still provide a complete treatment plan to ensure your tattoo is removed. It would just mean, you will need more sessions to ensure the results are met.

How will the tattoo removal treatment work?

We will make use of the most effective way of removing the tattoos. This is by applying the Q-switched laser.
Our tattoo removal specialist will make use of energy pulses which effectively heats the ink on your skin. This will then dissolve it effectively.
The amount of treatments you will need to complete a successful laser tattoo removal depends on your tattoo size, ink and the condition,
Our laser experts will decide on that during the initial consultation session. You will also be provided complete knowledge of how the treatment works, any risk factors to look out for and how can you ensure to get the best results with after-care tactics and techniques.

The REPC Assurance:

Our team is committed to making a difference. We will ensure your treatment is of the best quality. We will provide before after case files and testimonials which ensure that we proudly hold a strong customer base.

A Reliable Tattoo Removal Service

Did you know that it is much harder to remove tattoos which come in different colors? However we apply best non-surgical application to remove stubborn tattoos.
Our team applies different lasers and different wavelengths according to the color variation, ensuring an effective treatment is done.

No-pain and Minimal Discomfort Method

REPC Dubai holds years of extensive experience in providing a no-pain attribute process which provides great results in a hygienic setting. We ensure you also suffer from minimal irritation and discomfort by adapting state of the art methodologies for a smooth procedure.

Pre-Care and After-Care Promise

With our treatment plan, we ensure you are well taken care of after your surgery as well. Our consultation is well-rounded to provide pre-care which means ensuring your skin is well-prepared to take on the laser treatment so to get proper results.
We also look into your skin’s condition after the procedure’s completion to ensure that no pigmentation issues will arise at that time on the skin.

Why Choose REPC Dubai?

We hold years of experience when it comes to tattoo removal, analyzing your health condition. Sometimes the tattoo removal can trigger other health issues to flare up. Hence we conduct a complete background check to ensure your treatment is optimal.
You may have other options but why is our clinic one of the optimal options:

  • High service quality with efficient laser-methodology
  • Adapting a tried and tested, state of the art non-surgical method
  • Ensuring our trained staff provides a painless treatment with minimal discomfort
  • Enhance results with a minimal invasive method
  • Dedicated team with customized treatment plan for every patient as per their medical condition and history
  • Adapt tactics which ensure the healing time is fast and shortened

Will the Treatment Hurt

We aim to keep your treatment as smooth, pain-free as possible. However it is possible that one patient may feel some pain sensations higher than the other. It also directly depends on how old your tattoo is and your own skin condition. However we do make use of a numbing agent which helps to relieve some of the pain and allows for the treatment to go forth without any irritations.

Is it True I Can’t Donate Blood after Treatment

Yes you cannot involve in a blood donation drive right after treatment. This is because your most tiny blood vessels have been ruptured during the treatment process. It is actually a wound and like any other wound, it needs time to completely heal. However once the proper healing process is done, you can then very well donate blood, provided all other medical conditions are also in the clear.

How Many Sessions Will I Need for the Treatment to Complete?

Since every person is different, no two tattoos can be the same on the same skin type, hence your treatment will differ from one person to the other. While REPC Dubai aims to provide you quality treatment sessions with great results, we will only be able to analyze the number of sessions after looking at your tattoo’s state and skin condition.

Will the Treatment Leave a Scar?

We apply state of the art methods to ensure you are given quality treatment. We work with precision to ensure your skin doesn’t have any scarring from the process. However it is possible you will be subjected to blisters and scabbing. You will be provided proper guidelines to take care of these conditions and ensure the healing process is followed properly. Failing in doing so, is likely to cause scarring on the treated region.


If you have darker skin, your best laser option is Q-switched Nd:YAG laser treatment. It’s least likely to change the color of darker skin.

Older tattoos, whose ink has started to fade, are more effective to laser treatment as compared to newer tattoos which are harder to remove. However with an effective treatment plan, any kind of tattoo can be removed with dedicated treatment.

Since the area to be treated differs from one person to another, only when our laser specialist team looks at your tattoo and skin condition, will they be able to analyze how much will the treatment come to. Also factors like the duration, location and condition of the tattoo will determine how much it will cost to remove it properly.

You may have seen some over-the-counter medications which promise a complete tattoo removal; however these creams will provide a lightening effect or fading of the tattoo but not necessarily a complete removal. This is because your tattoo is deep within the skin and not just on the surface.

We know your concerns and worries about the safety of the laser tattoo removal process are valid. We invite you to visit our clinic, meet our practitioners to get a feeling of our working environment. We hold extensive experience in operating this procedure, and have trained our team to be qualified to carry this procedure in complete confidence, ensuring great results in minimal time.

While it is not advisable that you involve yourself in rigorous workout right after a treatment session, we do have patients who are well enough to go about your daily chores a few hours after treatment. This means not involving in anything which involves exertion as it can lead to swelling and blistering. Since every case is different, our team will provide you proper after-care guidelines after treatment.

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