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Dental Zoom Whitening

Yellow teeth affect your appearance and confidence. Professional Zoom Whitening can help you achieve a brighter, white, and confident smile. Only one session will give you 8 times whiter teeth. At REPC Dubai we can give your smile a new look and make you confident in your skin.

Dental Veneers

How do you feel about having slightly crooked teeth or chipped teeth? That too, if they are in the front? Some don’t mind as everyone has a unique smile, after all.

Dental Scaling and Polishing

Healthy gums do not bleed. If you notice that you are bleeding while brushing or flossing your teeth, it could be a sign of gum disease. Irrespective of how well you brush your teeth, some areas remain untouched by your toothbrush.

Woman at a Dentist Visit with a Toothache. Selective Focus with Added Noise on High Key Spots.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is defined as the procedure in dentistry which involves the replacement of the soft inner part of your tooth. This soft inner part of your tooth is referred to as pulp, in medical terms.
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Dental Surgery and Extraction

Did you just visit your dentist due to severe toothache and swelling on your face? On visiting your dentist, they would suggest either dental extraction or surgery as you have an extreme case of gum disease or swelling which needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Dental Implants

Did you visit your dentist because you have a missing tooth, or you had an accident and they asked you to get it treated? Your dentist will recommend you getting a dental implant to fix your problem
Dental implants are titanium posts inserted into the jaw bone. These implants replicated the root of a natural tooth.


Are you self-conscious about your smile but nervous about getting braces? Having a mouth full of metal braces doesn’t sound appealing. Are you suffering from crooked teeth, underbite, overbite or crossbite? Is there a better way to get straighter teeth? You deserve a smile that makes you feel confident.

Dental Fillings

Have you just visited your doctor and were diagnosed with tooth cavities? If so your dentist would have recommended you with Dental Fillings.
Dental filling in general is a painless procedure in which your dentist will fill the dental cavities, with a material of your preference.
Let us look at the comprehensive details of the Dental Filling procedure and material.

Dental Crown and Bridge

Did you hit your jaw while falling or are your teeth missing? If so, your dentist will either recommend you a Dental Crown or a Dental Bridge.
Your dentist will recommend you a dental crown if you have initial symptoms of a tooth cavity or you just had your root canal.

Dental Night Guard

Do you ever wake up from a night’s sleep with sore jaws and teeth? You could be grinding your teeth.
Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a common condition in which you clench or grind your teeth in sleep. The estimated prevalence rate among adults is between 8% – 30%. It is a condition where you grind your teeth at night and are not even aware of it. Since it happens while you’re sleeping, you have no control over this particular habit.

Pediatric Dentistry

Getting nightmarish thoughts of how to make your hyperactive child sit still on the dentist chair, while the dentist examines him? Wondering whether to consult a pediatric dentist for your child? Or, stick with your family dentist?

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