PRP for Face and Hair

Do you want to rejuvenate your skin and get rid of your baldness in 30 minutes? We have a solution. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and is a treatment for your face and hair. It promotes cell growth and healing of the body. It is used to treat injured body tissue and solve musculoskeletal problems. Though, it also rejuvenates your skin and restores hair.

prp for face and hair

PRP For Smoother Skin and Hair Growth

You can have Platelet-rich Plasma treatment- PRP for face and hair.

It provides tighter, firmer skin and a head full of hair only in one or a few sessions.

This process is completely safe as it uses your own blood platelets on your skin and hair.

Platelet-rich Plasma is not limited to cosmetic procedures. It can treat tendons, ligaments and injuries.

When platelets are injected into that area they promote cell repair and renewal which heals the injury.

The same goes for face and hair. PRP for face and hair treats wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentation, signs of aging and androgenic alopecia.

workings of prp for face and hair

How Does PRP For Face and Hair Work?

Plasma is rich in proteins and consists of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. It is responsible to carry nutrients and hormones around the body.

Moreover, it contains growth factors. These are responsible for cell turnover, repair and regrowth as well as increases collagen and elastin production. This gives the skin a firmer and smooth look.

The main cosmetic use of PRP is to treat skin aging in the form of wrinkles and fine lines, plus it also treats pattern baldness. Though, it also used to remove scars and stretch marks.

The main advantages of PRP are:

  • It tightens the wrinkles and gives your face elasticity making it firmer. Hence, your entire look transforms.
  • It plumps your skin for it to appear and feel smoother.
  • Removes acne scars and hyperpigmentation hence, the skin clears and brightens up.
  • There is no chance of an allergic reaction as the process uses your own plasma and blood.
  • Renewed hair growth in bald areas on the head.
  • The procedure lasts only 30 minutes and gives instant results that last as long as a year.

However, PRP is not for everyone. You should not take the procedure if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Suffer from active acne and scarring and use treatments for that
  • Have a slow healing process and your wounds heal poorly
  • Have eczema or rosacea
  • Had radiation therapy last year

Therefore consult our dermatologists before you wish to start your PRP treatment.

prp for face and hair procedure

The Procedure of PRP For Face and Hair

PRP Procedure begins with a consultation. Book an appointment and discuss your skin and hair concerns with our dermatologists and plastic surgeon.

It is better to discuss their experience and see the before and after pictures of PRP for face and hair. If PRP is the right treatment for you they will proceed by taking your blood from your vein.

Before Your Procedure

You need to keep some considerations in mind while preparing for your appointment. Do not tan your skin or get a lot of sun exposure right before your treatment.

Moreover, you should keep yourself hydrated by drinking water near the treatment days. Furthermore come to the session bare face without any skincare or makeup.




The medical staff will place this blood sample in a centrifuge where the plasma-rich platelets will separate from plasma poor platelets and red blood cells.

Next, the doctors will apply a topical numbing cream on your face to minimize any pain during the procedure. First, they will infuse your skin with hyaluronic acid to get rid of hyperpigmentation and hydrate the skin properly.

Then, they will splatter all the blood plasma on your face evenly. The plasma infuses into the skin with the help of a micro-needling device like a derma pen.

This allows the benefits of the plasma to be micro needled deeply into the skin and give your skin a collagen boost as the Dermapen stamps the plasma across your skin.

The doctor will go across your forehead, cheeks, chin and generally all across the face. The body goes into its natural response and the skin produces more elastin and collagen alongside the plasma stimulating more collagen production.

If you need it for hair then the centrifuged platelets are injected into the bald areas on the scalp and there is no need for micro-needling. Both micro-needling and PRP separately stimulate collagen production and together they can give you a double collagen boost.

This process can last from 30 minutes to one hour. You may need more than one session for hair but you will mostly require a single session for the face.

skin treatment results

Results, Side Effects and Care

Results generally appear a few days after the treatment hence you will not see an instant effect.

Though you will witness skin tightening, a fuller face that is smooth and glowy in a matter of weeks. Your skin texture will also massively improve fading your scars and hyperpigmentation.

The results of PRP can last for about 3 to 6 months.  But how many PRP treatments are needed for the face? Well, only one if you are happy with the results. If you have extensive skin concerns then you may want to have a few treatments in a year.

However in PRP for hair, you may not see the full effect until 6 months and will require additional sessions. If you suffer from acne scarring and skin damage then you should have about 4 to 6 treatments in a year with at least a 2-week interval.

You may witness some redness and swelling right after your procedure. Therefore your dentist will apply a soothing balm or serum to soothe that area and irritation. Sometimes there might be mild bruises that will heal over time.

You can apply makeup to hide those bruises and redness till they heal. There is no downtime but you can rest for the day.  However, since we use your own blood there is no risk of infection.

Though when PRP is injected into the hair then it may cause a slight headache as well as pain in the injection point.

This may also include itching, tenderness in the scalp and some bleeding. There is also a risk of injury to blood vessels.

However, these risks may arise for any treatment related to injections. Therefore on a wider scale, PRP does not pose great side effects or risks as it is a non-surgical procedure that uses your own blood plasma.

woman with doctor

Why Should You Choose REPC Dubai To Get PRP for Face and Hair

If you are tired of your acne scars, loose skin and pigmentation then REPC Dubai is your place to go.

We specialize in aesthetic skin treatments that will leave your skin glowy, youthful and firm.

Our expert dermatologists, aestheticians and plastic surgeons have years of experience in enhancing your appearance and making you confident in your skin.

At REPC Dubai you will be in safe hands and we will ensure the effectiveness of your procedure.

At REPC Dubai we provide:

  • Affordable Procedures: Good skin should not be a hassle. Therefore, we provide affordable procedures right within your budget that can give you the liberty to enjoy good skin days whenever you want to.
  • Safe Procedures: We aim to give you a comfortable environment so that your mind is at ease during the procedure. Our friendly and hospitable staff ensures your comfort while our state-of-the-art technology and latest equipment minimize any risks or complications.
  • Effective Procedures: Our medical staff provides their best work to satisfy their patients. With years of experience, our doctors skillfully carry out your skin treatments. They keep your wellbeing and satisfaction their utmost priority.

Hence, if you plan to get PRP for face and hair, REPC Dubai should be your choice for Plasma in Al Dubai. The skills and expertise of our medical staff are unmatched in the area. We invite you to explore it yourself and book an appointment with our experts to discuss your skin concerns.

They will devise the best skin treatment plan for you customized according to your needs and expectations. If you want to get rid of your scars, pigmentation and bald spots then it is the right time to get Platelet-rich Plasma treatment.

Your good skin days are just an appointment away.

prp for face and hair queries


Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Feel free to contact us if you do not find your query answered here.

You will feel pain during micro-needling in the procedure. However, our doctors apply a topical numbing cream 20 minutes prior to the procedure.This will lessen the amount of pain you may feel as that area will be numb. Though the process is not that long and the micro-needling happens very quickly. Therefore the pain will not last long and the procedure wraps up quickly.

One session of PRP can last from 30 minutes to an hour. It depends on the site of the treatment. Usually for face, it will be about 30 minutes long. You can event get PRP in your lunch break.

If you are in your initial stages of hair loss you are the ideal candidate for PRP. Moreover, if you have small areas of patter baldness then too you can get PRP. However, it may not be the best option to cure complete hair loss.

The cost of the procedure depends on the treatment area, the skin and hair condition and the number of sessions required. Our medical staff will analyze your condition and devise a treatment plan best suited to your needs. Your treatment cost will depend on that.

You will not see immediate results so do not worry. Your body responds to the micro-needling and plasma and stimulates collagen production. Hence you will start to see the results in 2 weeks’ time.

Your skin texture will improve and there will be visible fullness, firmness and smoothness. Therefore at least wait for 2 to 3 weeks for the procedure to take effect. However, you may see results on hair after 6 months.

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