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    Gold Stamp Therapy

    Gold stamp therapy

    Having sleepless nights worrying about your facial wrinkles and sagging skin? Are you searching for a safe, painless and non-invasive method to rejuvenate your skin quickly? 

    Your search is over, as we share with you a secret today, which will solve all these problems.

    Gold stamp therapy

    Why Opt for Gold Stamp Treatment

    Gold Stamp treatment is a non-invasive procedure. It helps your skin retain its youthfulness with minimal pain. There is no downtime required in this treatment. This treatment is ideal for you if you are looking for a quick, painless, as well as a non-invasive procedure. Microneedles inject serums necessary for your skin’s health. Due to this, your skin becomes youthful and radiant. The best part is that it gives immediate results, as well as it involves a direct application to your skin.

    How Gold Stamp Therapy Works

    Gold Stamp therapy is a non-invasive anti-ageing treatment. It works in a simple three-step process. The therapy uses microneedles thinner than hair. It delivers a bespoke combination of ingredients tailored by your clinician for your personal skin goals.

    • In the first step, microdermabrasion technology performs the exfoliation of the uppermost layer of the skin. This allows the skin to breathe. This helps in reducing acne scars and dark spots.
    • In the second step, a micro-needling process takes place with gold-plated needles. This helps your skin build up the stem cells lost in the ageing process.
    • The final step involves the application of a hydrating collagen mask. This will encourage your skin to kick start the collagen production. The collagen improves skin elasticity and gives youthful finish.

    Gold stamp therapy

    Benefits of Gold Stamp Therapy

    • The micro-needles used in Gold Stamp therapy are thinner than hair. 
    • It is a convenient and painless therapy.
    • As it uses platinum 24carat gold plated needles, it is non-allergic.
    • The rich nutrients are promptly absorbed. So, it is excellently effective. 
    • There is no downtime. You are ready to move around within an hour.
    • It is a great way to treat severe acne and acne scars.
    • Rejuvenates your skin and removes wrinkles with no complications.
    • Time saver treatment.
    • You can see immediate visible results.
    • It is a non-invasive therapy meaning that you don’t have to go under the knife.
    • It can trigger skin cells to create more collagen.

    Effectiveness of Gold Stamp Therapy

    The stem cells are the building blocks of your skin. As you age, these building blocks begin to decline. Due to this, you are likely to see inflamed skin, wrinkles, and spots.

    Gold Stamp therapy helps the skin replace the stem cells. It also treats various skin concerns to give your skin a more supple and youthful glow. Both men and women can opt for this therapy.

    Gold Stamp therapy is highly effective. You can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, freckles, and spots. This is achievable in a few weeks without experiencing any complications. The therapy gives wonderful results on your skin tone, and hence it is worth getting it.

    Some of the results appear immediately after the session. The visibility of the final results takes about a week’s time. The results will be long lasting. They remain visible with proper aftercare and a good balanced diet.

    Gold stamp therapy

    Different Areas Treated with Gold Stamp Therapy

    Gold Stamp therapy works well in removing forehead lines, dark circles under eye, lines on glabellar region, nasolabial fold, décolletage region. Additionally, it has been found effective in malar & sub-malar region, marionette lines and chin.

    People have found it effective on stretch marks on different parts of the body. Gold Stamp therapy is a method of painlessly delivering serum just below your skin surface.

    It can help in increasing collagen, improve fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin pigment, and decrease pore size. Once your skin absorbs the serum, it starts to look plump, lighter and brighter.

    Visibility of the Results of Gold Stamp Treatment

    The results of Gold Stamp treatment become visible within three to five days after the treatment and last according to serum applied. Although the results of gold stamp therapy are wonderful, unfortunately, they are not permanent. The results are wonderful as long as they last. 

    Your dermatologist will recommend repeating the procedure a number of times if you want the results to last for a prolonged period of time. One needs to get the treatment multiple times to appreciate the results for a longer period of time.

    Gold stamp therapy

    Serums Used in Gold Stamp Therapy

    This innovative treatment uses 99.9% pure Gold-plated surgical grade stainless steel microneedles. These microneedles are thinner than a human hair. These deliver custom solutions directly into your skin.

    The custom solutions include hyaluronic acid, neuromodulators, and Platelet-Rich Plasma. These serums are good for radiant, plump, youthful looking skin.

    Why Choose REPC Dubai for Gold Stamp Therapy

    REPC is one of the leading medical centers in Dubai for medical and aesthetic procedures for skin and teeth. We employ state-of-the-art technologies and methods to provide you with quality treatments. We are up to date with various innovations in our field, which makes all the difference.

    At REPC Dubai, you will be treated by experienced and trained dermatologists in place of untrained salon aestheticians. When you come to us, you can be assured of a safe and professional environment. 

    Our team at REPC Dubai, is very experienced in their own respective fields. They provide objective medical advice to any of your problems. No problem is small or big for us. When you get in touch with us, our experienced team members will examine your medical history to understand and deliver what’s best for you. You can get in touch with us to set up an appointment and be rest assured that you will be disappointed.

    Gold stamp therapy


    The Gold Stamp process is fairly simple. The needles used in the Gold Stamp therapy are even thinner than a hair follicle – about 0.13mm in size. In our body, pinpoint bleeding generally occurs when longer needles of size 1.0mm are used. This makes this therapy a painless one.

    Gold Stamp therapy works wonders in not only improving your facial skin quality but also any sun-exposed areas such as the neck area, decollate and hands. It is an ideal therapy for aged skin and good preventative treatment for aged patients as their skin loses its elasticity and collagen production. This non-invasive therapy will allow you to feel relaxed without fear of the needles, and you can see visible results in the form of plumpness and an immediate natural-looking effect.

    Today Gold Stamp therapy has become immensely popular among the many skin treatments available in the market. Few such skin treatments include revitalizing your dull skin, treating sun-exposed areas and reducing visible signs of acne and ageing.

    Gold Stamp preventive treatment works better for people who really want to take good care of their skin, keep it fresh and radiant looking and delay the signs of ageing. Moreover, as the process is non-invasive, it does not involve cutting or stitching, making it a pain-free treatment.
    Gold stamp therapy

    Gold Stamp therapy allows the serum to flow more consistently and the right amount of solution inside the affected skin. This results in plumpness and gives you an immediate natural-looking effect. On the other hand, other micro-needling procedures do not have such a technique to apply the serum. During the treatment, the serum applicator is moved over the affected area. This stimulates your skin cells to produce more and more collagen. The serum is delivered to deeper layers of your skin that allow them to be absorbed more effectively than with a syringe. 

    This process leads to skin regeneration, and your skin looks more radiant and beautiful than it was before. During the final stages, effective serums are inserted into the skin to enhance your end result. 

    Using gold plated needles in the serum applicator has several benefits. Gold is said to have many medical benefits. Gold appears lower down on the periodic table and hence is naturally less reactive. This property makes it safer to use than other material. More such thin micro-needles are easy to be made using gold metal. 

    Gold stamp therapy

    Depending on your skin condition, your doctor will generally recommend a minimum of five sessions performed within a period of 6 to 8 weeks. It is always best to consult with your doctor and work out the practical details of an ideal and a customized treatment plan for you.

    Gold Stamp therapy is a comfortable procedure with no downtime. You may experience just a short-term redness. Meaning it will not disrupt your lifestyle as proper downtime is not required for Gold Stamp treatments. It primarily depends on the patient’s skin concerns and the tissues that they are treating. Collagen induction or skin rejuvenation requires a 24-hour flushing post-treatment.

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