Chemical Peels

know how and why to get a chemical peel

Chemical Peels is a special beauty treatment that allows you to have an amazing look and feel in no time.

chemical peel damages skin lightly for cosmetic purpose

The chemical peel basically focuses on giving your skin a regenerated look. This is done by making use of a controlled tissue removal.

The epidermis makes way for the deeper layers to come forth and you get a whole new look of youth and appeal in no time.

This is one of the most in-demand services. At REPC Dubai, we ensure your chemical peel treatment is done in the most rejuvenating way. We have made use of state-of-the art techniques and tools to provide you with the most rejuvenating and amazing glow in no time.

A Great Skin Treatment

see difference in a few treatments

The service aims to remove your damaged skin cells.

You will see the emergence of healthier skin. We ensure that your skin is gets the most reliable team.

A board-certified dermatologist and our leading team of skin-care specialists will ensure your chemical peel gives the desired result.

There is not much downtime in this treatment. However when it comes to recovery, it usually takes about just a few sessions to get the desired result.

How the magic happens:

endless benefits of chemical peel

At REPC Dubai, we ensure you get an amazing glow and a great look in the best manner possible.  How we do that:

  • In a controlled ambience, you skin is damaged.  We create a superficial wound to give you an amazing feel you rightfully deserve.
  • When the natural healing process begins, your skin will start to feel better and the improvement will give your skin a better appearance.
  • We apply chemicals which will make your skin look and feel great. It depends on your skin type.
  • The results are usually most effective on skin types which are impacted by conditions like sun damage which comes from ultraviolet light.
  • You will get to to have a recuperation after the treatment.
  • In this treatment you will likely get to face scarring. There is also chances of infection and you will notice certain color changes.
  • We make use of other techniques as well to combine chemical peel with other, effective treatments which will give your skin a rejuvenated look.

The REPC Promise

We know how it can be overwhelming to take on a treatment that may or may not give the desired effect, however when it comes to looking and feeling great, REPC Dubai will ensure you are well-taken care of.

We do this by providing you with the ultimate care service that will look into giving you an amazing feel with great results that are long lasting.

Happy & Satisfied Clients

We hold a record of having treated a range of clients who have stated the transformation was quite visible in a matter of a few weeks.

Your skin glow is our ultimate focus and we will provide so to ensure you look amazing and vibrant, without compromising the treatment in any way.

We use safe and hygienic state-of-the-art equipment to carry out your skin treatment. This prevents any chances of infection and your treatment proceeds harmlessly.

Our friendly staff will make you comfortable so that you feel safe in our medical center.

Moreover, our highly skilled and trained staff will ensure that you see effective procedural results. Therefore, our clients leave satisfied.

The procedure will be as painless as possible because the staff will either apply an anesthetic or give you pain medications to numb down the pain.

As every client has different skin type, your treatment will differ and we will make use of a chemical mix which suits according to your needs and requirements. Therefore, we make sure that your treatment is effective, painless and safe.

What type of chemical peels we use:

three types of chemical peels

There are different chemical peels we make use of to give your skin a look that will look best on you. The main peels are:

Superficial Peels

We make use of certain, mild acids which work to give your skin an exfoliation that will work wonders on it. It is also called a light peel. In this the most outer layer of the skin which is known as epidermis is removed. This kind of peel is used to treat certain common skin issues. This includes problems like wrinkles, acne.

If you are suffering from dryness, this light peel also takes care of that. It will hit onto your uneven skin tone as well.

Since it is very mild and has no downtime, you can have this treatment every 2-5 weeks. This will allow you to gain amazing look and feel in no time.

Medium Peels

This is a glycolic acid which is a bit more stronger and it works on your middle and outer layer of skin too.

In this treatment, we will use a gauze, and a sponge which applies a special chemical solution to give you a rejuvenated look.

You will also be getting a cool compress on the skin. There is some amount of sting as well which lasts for a few hours.

We don’t make use of a neutralizing solution. But sometimes in certain sensitive cases, we will make use of hand-held fan.

Deep Peels

This is one of the most effective types of peels which will give you a complete rejuvenated look. This peel works to remove all the damaged skin cells. It makes use of the acid tricholoracetic to work and provide a complete fantastic feel.

This procedure works when we will make use of applicator to apply phenol. This will then give your skin a whitish-gray color.

The procedure gives great results in no time.

How to Prepare for a Chemical Peel?

In order to prepare for this treatment, we will be first setting up a consultation session.

We will determine what is the best treatment option for you. We will check what is the best peel for your skin type.

Our skin team will make sure your treatment is done in complete care and precision. We will also make sure that there is no interference in the treatment effects and recovery.

This is complete checklist on what you should done:

  • not make use of retinol
  • let us know clearly if you are using any medications
  • not using Accutane for a few months before treatment

Some other recommendations to follow are:

  • take antiviral medication as it helps if you had cold sores
  • special lotions will also be used to improve and bring better results to the treatment
  • for skin darkening , retinoid cream is also usable
  • we also recommend you stop waxing and epilating a week before the treatment is kicked started
  • also hair bleaching is not made use of
  • we also recommend you don’t use facial scrubs and don’t exfoliate


Those who are fair-skinned are good candidates. Darker skin can also get good results but this mainly focuses on what condition your skin is in.

It is also possible that you will get uneven skin tone even after the procedure is done with.

Also if you are suffering from skin issues like sags and bulges, chemical peels don’t provide that kind of treatment but are good enough to give a rejuvenated look.

Our team’s dermatologist will be giving you the complete package of service to ensure your treatment yields amazing results.

You will face downtime. When it comes to having a chemical peel , you will be needing to take on 2-3 weeks of rest to overcome the effects.

However this treatment is one which provides you with that ‘wow’ factor, allowing you to look great and notice the difference.

We know certain individuals have very sensitive skin. However we create a special mix to make use of as per your skin’s requirement and need.

You will be able to see the results as soon as your skin begins to heal.

While for certain types of peels, the results can be see within a few days however for deeper peels, it can take well over 2 weeks. Also it also depends on the number of sessions you will be needing to see the difference.

Unfortunately in most cases, the results are not permanent. This is because your skin will continue to age.

In certain cases you will notice that there seems to be some growing spots on your skin and these show how the skin is progressive and continues to face aging.

Also for superficial and medium peels, you will need to have a few sessions and treatments to ensure the results come in.

However when it comes to deep peel, you need this treatment just once and that one treatment will give your look a significant boost in no time.

At REPC Dubai, we aim to give you the best treatment and best results. This means we make sure your side effects are mild.

However if you do face symptoms, they can be :

  • There will be consistent redness
  • This can last for months if not treated properly
  • You will be facing temporary darkening of the skin
  • There are also chances where you will have scarring

We ensure you will be getting the best of treatment. However you get effective results if you closely follow our skin experts advice on how to attain results that stay for long. And that is why it is important to get this treatment.

In order to see good and effective results in the long run, you can repeat the treatments.

This helps in the long run when you take on mild and medium chemical peels however when it comes to deep peels, you need to do it just once.

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