This is one of the leading treatments in the world of beauty right now. HydraFacial is popular when it comes to giving you that gorgeous look in no time!

HydraFacial is a leading skin treatment

It has been so popular not just in celebrities but everyone who wants that amazing glowing skin!

It fights your signs of aging and is known to not give any side effects also.

Get that amazing, fresh and glowing  look. It’s yours to own.

The 3-Step Amazing Process

It focuses on giving you that amazing deep cleansing which makes your skin exfoliate along with being in deep hydration.

At REPC Dubai, we adapt the best practices to ensure that you get that wholesome treatment which will keep you energized and glowing.

We make sure the best team takes care of your skin. The professional procedure is at par to the highest standards of hygienic structure worldwide.

HydraFacial is one of the most popular skin treatments out there for its endless benefits.

You will get amazing skin which will look glorious and beaming.  Join the hyper and look fresh in no time:

HydraFacial Benefits

non-invasive treatment with great results

It will help to improve the overall look of your skin. The texture is taken care of. The tone and appearance will also be getting the winning treatment.  It aims to give you the exfoliation which will make your skin looking so ravishing .

Helps in treating Acne

While microdermabrasion is much more useful for treating your acne. However many patients have said how their scars and acne seem to be in control when getting a facial.

This is probably because there is deep exfoliation taking place in this treatment.

It helps in removing the pore-clogging skin cells.

It focuses on blackheads

This facial is benefitting for removing the dead skin cells. These cause you to suffer from blackheads. However our team works to treat your skin and exfoliate it properly to not accelerate the formation of blackheads.

Combats Aging Effects

Recent studies show that this kind of skin treatment is also effective for its certain anti-aging properties. It shows that your signs of aging will greatly reduce when you make use of serums.  Some of the major actions we focus on with this treatment include decreased pore size, less hyperpigmentation as well as the reduction of fine lines.

What Will Happen in the Treatment?

the treatment goes a long way

The first thing our team will do is carry out a cleansing process. This means we will aim to remove the dead skin cells from your skin’s surface.

One of the major things which REPC Dubai provides that others don’t is that we make use of an application to remove the extra sebum from your skin.

We also make use of a special mix of acidic blend which includes salicylic and glycolic acid which we apply on your skin.

What happens is this will lead to the breaking of any dirt which has been depositing on your skin for a long time.  It helps to clean out all the oil which is causing the clogging of the pores.

The Application of HydraPeel Tip

This is an advanced treatment tactic which we have been utilizing in our treatment plan for a long time. It is basically the vacuuming of all the dirt,  impurities and excess oil that exists on your face.

It is a major treatment solution in which you will get amazing hydrating as well as plumping effects.

The nourishing serum works to make your skin look supple and full  in no time.  The nourishing serum works its magic, giving your skin that ‘wow’ effect you want.

Getting the Ultimate Customized Feel

get customized solutions for hydrating skin

You might have heard how HydraFacial can work its wonders in different ways for different people.

We aim to provide you a great HydraFacial treatment that is specifically customized according to your skin. We know that every skin type is different so naturally our treatment will also differ in the same way.

Your personal skincare concerns are looked into. We will be using different serum mixtures that will assist your look and help bring out your natural element.

We also workout to bring forth your amazing looking skin glow by add-ons to the whole treatment process. For example we make use of special LED treatment with HydraFacial as this not only hits and removes the bacteria from your face but it will also aim to heal your skin by controlling the breakouts on your skin.

Getting HydraFacial- Why It Suits Everyone

This is a treatment that will work wonders on all skin types. Yes, HydraFacial has proven to bring forth great advantages to anyone who seeks this treatment.

It is suiting to all skin types  and can be done for any age group. The treatment is also suitable for teenagers who are suffering from pimples and different acne issues.

The same treatment can also bring forth amazing benefits for the older patients. It helps to combat sun damage also.  Many elders face concerns like rashes, dull skin and even sagging skin as they continue to age.

Your Vibrant Skin is Here

While this treatment cannot make your skin fresh and glowing right away, it can definitely work its wonders to make it stand out and look vibrant with continuous treatment.

The amount of sessions you will be needing depends on your skin’s condition.

Our team of committed dermatologists will be giving you a complete consultation to what suits you.

Cost of a HydraFacial Treatment

The cost of this kind of treatment varies. It will usually depend on your skin’s condition. If you require many sessions and extensive treatment, it can be heavier on your budget as compared to having a few treatments with no add-ons.

The REPC Commitment to You

We know it takes a lot to commit to such kind of treatment where your skin is left in a vulnerable state. However, our team has spent years in perfecting its customized treatment which looks into your specific condition and customizes the solution as per your needs and what your skin needs to look and feel amazing.

We provide procedures that are:

  • Safe and Hygienic: Our staff takes special care of your safety and makes sure that all equipment is hygienic to use. Our experts and staff make you comfortable while getting the treatment so that your treatment proceeds smoothly.
  • Effective: Our state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and trained staff will give you the results you desire. Our doctors have years of experience and are skilled enough to carry out your procedure without any hindrances. Come, relax and leave your treatment to us!
  • Painless: It is extremely important that your procedure is comfortable and painless. At REPC Dubai we make your procedures as painless as possible by applying numbing creams or giving pain medications. A Hydrafacial is not going to be painful at all hence, you can get it done frequently.
  • Affordable: This procedure is not an out-of-pocket expense and lies within your budget so that you can have clear, glowing skin on a regular basis.

It is one of the leading and most effective skin treatments of recent times. It usually lasts for about half an hour or so. Why it has been gaining momentum is because it provides you with amazing, long-term results.

Also the treatment can be made specific to your skin condition and skin type.  You will be able to notice the fantastic results in no time as there is also no downtime in this treatment.

The Facial is also able to remove the excessive dead skin cells which leads to removing impurities. The treatment would also consist of cleansing and hydrating your skin with a good mix of serums. It provides your skin instant soothing unlike any other skin treatment.

Because it consists of one major element- a hydrating condition. This leads to you having radiant, glowing skin which lasts for a longer time. Also this kind of skin treatment is found to consist of anti-aging effects. It also leads to no irritation and has a smoothing, and soft-feeling sensation.

The good news is the treatment is suitable for all skin types. This is because it is non-irritating and has hydrating qualities.

This makes it extremely useful for even sensitive skin as they need not take on any chemically-induced treatments which cause your skin more harm than good. The best thing is you get a customized treatment where our team will create a special and unique serum formula that is suiting to your skin only. The treatment begins with a skin consultation and sensitivity test to ensure your skin’s state and needs is taken into accordance.

The treatment is useful because it usually takes half an hour only. While it is fast and efficient, it also comes with results which stay on for a longer time. Also you will not have to go through any side effects or after-treatment issues when you take on a HydraFacial. Since it has no downtime, it is easy for you to go back to your usual routine and resume your normal activities in no time.

With majority of the customers, they would suggest that their skin feels utterly refined and amazing within the first session.

Also you will notice your skin feeling smooth and soft and these results can last for quite a few days. Do you know that the hydration treatment can last for a long time.

In many cases, a client needs to have quite a few treatments to look good. This includes being able to look radiant with amazing skin tone in no time.

While it isn’t possible to have flawless skin in one go, the HydraFacial is one skin makeover that focuses on reducing the appearance of your wrinkles as well as any brown spots or oily, skin marks that may appear.

What Our Clients Say