Dry Cupping

Dry Cupping is a form of alternate therapy performed with suction cups. Dry Cupping dates back to 3000 years when Egyptians and Chinese would use it to treat diseases. At REPC Dubai you can get Dry Cupping to increase circulation and reduce pain for various conditions.

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Dry Cupping to Treat Diseases

People believe that Cupping removes harmful toxins from the body. However, there is not much evidence to support it but cupping therapy is effective for a few diseases that you also treat with medicines.

These conditions include:

  • herpes
  • shingles
  • acne
  • lumbar disc herniation
  • facial paralysis,
  • cervical spondylosis
  • cough

Though dry cupping alone could also be beneficial for various medical conditions.

It could help treat fertility and gynecological issues, it can normalize your high blood pressure and treat blood disorders like anemia.

Moreover, it is beneficial for rheumatic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and.

It can also relieve bronchial congestion that happens because of respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies.

You may want to get cupping to relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

Benefits of Dry Cupping

You may need Dry Cupping to get rid of pain points, inflammation and to treat certain diseases.

Hence, Dry Cupping can help:

  • Increase blood circulation in the treatment area
  • Reduce pain in the treatment area
  • Decrease inflammation and swelling in the specific place
  • Drain harmful toxins from the lymphatic system
  • Reach deeper into muscles and soft tissues that are hard to reach and impact otherwise
  • Soften connective tissues and adhesions
  • Sedate nervous system

dry cupping types

Types of Cupping

Dry Cupping is not the only form of Cupping therapy and you can benefit from other forms as well.

Other than Dry Cupping there is wet and fire cupping therapy. Fire cupping creates suction by using lighting fire inside the glass suction cups.

In wet cupping therapy, the therapist leaves the cup in the treatment area for mild suction. Later they take out the cup and make tiny incisions through a scalpel.

They do the suction again to draw blood. Hence wet cupping using medicinal bleeding alongside suction.

The cups used in cupping therapy may be of glass, plastic, earthenware, bamboo and silicone rubber. Though most modern cupping methods use glass and plastic.

Dry Cupping therapy uses plastic, rubber or glass to increase blood circulation and is one of the most popular and effective cupping therapy.

dry cupping procedure

The Procedure of Dry Cupping at REPC Dubai

At REPC Dubai our physiotherapists will take your medical history and recommend a treatment best suited to your needs and expectations.

If you require Dry Cupping then they will devise a treatment plan and carry it out on your affected area.

They will also recommend you to eat a light meal two or three hours before your session.

The therapist will first heat a glass, rubber or plastic cup with a fire source. This can be an inflammable material like paper, alcohol or even a herb. They may choose to not do it and use a rubber suction pump.

They will also apply lotion to your affected area which will allow the suction cup to glide over it and give a deep tissue massage.

If they have lit a fire source, they will turn it off and place the open side of the cup directly on the skin.

As the hot cup cools it will create a vacuum inside and sucks the muscle and skin upwards. This turns your skin red as the blood vessels expand in a response to the pressure.

However, modern methods involve the use of rubber suction pumps. A manual suction pump is attached to a cup and is placed on a valve.

The therapist will leave the suction pumps and cups in place for about 5 to 20 minutes. They will also control the amount of pressure and suction.

However, in wet cupping, they will remove cups by 3 minutes to draw blood next. The therapist may also make you do stretching exercises alongside the cupping.

They will only apply 3 to 5 cups in a session. In fact, you can also get one to see its effects. However, the number will not go above 7.

post procedural care

AfterCare and Side Effects

As the cups are removed, you will see red circles where the cups were placed.

This is a sign of cupping and a residual effect. The physiotherapist will provide you ointments and bandages to treat any bruises and give antibiotics to prevent infection.

These marks will go away on their own by a maximum of 10 days.

Cupping stimulates blood flow to the surface therefore it relaxes tissues and increases cell-to-cell communication.

This helps to reduce any inflammation in the body. Moreover, it releases cytokines that heal and relax the body.

Cupping improves your wellbeing and overall health by removing energy blockages. Though most people use it for muscle relaxation and to increase blood flow to one part of the body.

Cupping is popular with athletes to reduce their pain and to direct blood flow to specific muscles.

While cupping has tremendous benefits, there is not enough scientific research to back it.

There aren’t huge risks and side effects of dry cupping. You may feel a little dizzy, nauseous and you may sweat during your treatment.

The lightheadedness may continue after the treatment for a short period of time as there is increased blood circulation in your body.

The skin around the cups becomes red and may irritate. Our physiotherapists will apply an ointment to prevent infection and irritation.

The risk of infection albeit is small. Another small risk is of scarring and bruising.

However, our physiotherapists clean your skin thoroughly and provide antibiotics and ointments to prevent infection, scarring or bruising after the procedure.

They also take your safety into consideration. They will wear goggles, an apron and disposable gloves during the procedure.

Additionally, they will be vaccinated against diseases like hepatitis that could spread otherwise. Therefore we te take special care of your safety at REPC Dubai.

procedure considerations

Special Considerations

If you suffer from any other disease, you should consult your doctor before trying cupping.

Though you may hear of dry cupping providing a solution for your problem, it is best to always keep your doctor in the loop.

You can get dry cupping along with your medical treatment to reap maximum benefits of both treatments as long as your doctor seems it fit.

However, dry cupping is not suitable for children under the age of four and children older than that should also have short periods of treatment.

Moreover, pregnant women should not get dry cupping on lower back and abdomen. Also, women should it during menstruation.

Seniors have fragile skin so cupping is not ideal for them. You should not get cupping if you use a blood-thinning medicine.

Plus, you can avoid cupping if you currently have a sunburn or wound.

Cupping isn’t ideal for people with skin ulcers and internal organ disorders. Therefore consult our doctors before you opt for dry cupping.

However, if you are the right candidate for dry cupping then it is ideal to relieve you of pain, inflammation, increase blood flow to specific body parts and relax your body.

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Why Should You Choose REPC Dubai for Dry Cupping?

At REPC Dubai we have skilled and qualified physiotherapists who will ensure that you are in safe hands and your procedure is carried out effectively.

We provide Dry Cupping for patients who want to relax their muscles and relive pain and inflammation in any part of their body.

If you have read our special considerations and are a perfect candidate for dry cupping then book an appointment with our physiotherapist to discuss your treatment.

You can begin by trying one cup in one session and proceed forward if you seem it fit.

At REPC Dubai we make sure that you leave satisfied. We provide:

  •  Safe Procedures: We take special care of hygiene and safety. Our physiotherapists wear aprons, goggles and gloves to make sure that your procedure is carried safely. Moreover, our equipment is sterilized and safe to use.
  • Effective Procedures: Our physiotherapists are experienced and are skilled to carry out your procedure effectively. We ensure to make your treatment beneficial for your health.
  • Affordable Procedures: This treatment is right within your budget and it is not an out-of-pocket expense.

Therefore, you can get Dry Cupping at REPC Dubai in a regular session.

Book your appointment with our physiotherapists to discuss if Dry Cupping is the right procedure for you.

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Here are answers to the most asked questions by our patients.

If you do not find your query answered here, feel free to contact us on our number or email.

The cost of Dry Cupping depends on the procedure, physiotherapist and the number of cups you will require.

Hence, you can find the cost of your treatment by booking an appointment with our physiotherapist to make the best suited plan.

Hijama Cupping is another name for wet cupping. In wet cupping, the cup is placed on the skin for a few minutes followed by incisions to draw blood.

Wet Cupping stimulates healing and gets rid of toxins while dry cupping is a deep tissue massage that reduces pain, inflammation and increases blood circulation.

Discuss wet cupping vs dry cupping in detail with your physiotherapist to figure out the most suitable procedure for your health.

Dry Cupping is for everyone as long as you take care of the special considerations. It is not ideal for children, pregnant and menstruating women but otherwise everyone can get it.

Consult your doctor before you plan to get a Dry Cupping session if you suffer from a medical problem.

This differs from patient to patient. If you need urgent relief then you may require a few sessions till you properly heal.

You should discuss your needs, expectations and time constraints with our health professionals so that they can devise your treatment plan accordingly.

Your body is recuperating hence you would want to avoid foods like dairy products which require a lot of energy to digest for a day.

You should also avoid taking a bath for next one day as it could irritate the treatment area or cause you pain so gently wipe yourself with wet wipes.

Moreover, keep yourself awake for the next two hours after the procedure and eat something nutritious so your body is active and starts healing.

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